Teuku Kemal Fasya


Teuku Kemal Fasya currently works as the head of public relations and external relations at Malikussaleh University. He was appointed to the position on 31 December 2018 under new leadership of chancellor, Dr. Herman Fithra

He was born in Aceh provincial capital of Banda Aceh. A son of dr. Teuku Iskandar SKM (late) and Sritati Nurmulyati finished his elementary program in his hometown, before continued to university degree, studying religious and cultural studies as well as comparative Islamic Laws at Sanata Dharma University and Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic Religious Institute respectively. Both are based in Yogyakarta. Now he's continuing his doctoral at Regional Planning of Universitas Sumatera Utara.

Moving back to his hometown, Kemal is actively lecturing students of Malikussaleh, majoring on Social and Political studies. He once also served as secretary of Anthropology Department, also in Malikussaleh, before being elected as Head of Anthropology, Social, and Political Science at the same university -- a position he served until 2008.

Apart from formal activities, Kemal concerns with his social environment, and known to be a co-founder of Komunitas Peradaban Aceh (Aceh Civilization Community). Having a dream about a better environment in the conflict-thorn territory of Aceh, Kemal has actively encouraged all parties, from the Central Government to the civil society groups, to promote democratization, peacefull campaign, and equal political treatment for all of the Acehnese people, and also advocate to good multiculturalism circumtances.

His experience has won appreciation from international community, paving the way for him to take part in the series of international conferences, trainings, and workshops, in New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Gujaratti, India; Mai Sot, Thailand, to Oslo, Norway, during which he shared views on various issues, from disaster management to religious-related issues, such as Islam and Pluralism.

A good writer creates essay. So does Kemal. More 800 of his essays and, also, books, have been published by various publications. Some of the newly books and chapters are “Identitas Terbelah Singkil dan Ambiguitas Toleransi” in Ahmad Suaedy (ed), Intoleransi, Revitalisasi Tradisi, dan Tantangan Kebinekaan di Indonesia (Depok : Abdurrahman Wahid Centre – Universitas Indonesia, 2017), “Nasionalisme di Tengah Luka dan Kontradiksi” in Dimas Oky Nugroho (ed), Anak Muda dan Masa Depan Indonesia (Jakarta : Mizan, 2018), “Nasionalisme dan Rayuan Ekstremisme Agama Menuju Warga Multikultural” in Anne Shakka and A. Harimurti (ed), Nasionalisme di Tengah Kewargaan Budaya dan Ekstremisme Global (Yogyakarta : Sanata Dharma University Press ; Pusat Sejarah dan Etika Politik, 2018), Melawan Takdir Kelam : Pengalaman Pelayanan Terpadu Itsbat Nikah di Pedalaman Aceh (Tangerang : Mahara Publishing, 2018), Kebenaran yang Pahit : Perempuan dan Masa Depan Pendidikan Dayah di Aceh (Tangerang : Mahara Publishing- RPuK-JMSPS, 2018).

At the moment he was devoting the attention to elevate the institution ranks of university to become one of the best at the national level. With hard work and pain, nothing is impossible to be reached.